A few photos

Manila is a city of gates, and my neighborhood is no different. Gates surround offices, apartment buildings, the “villages” and anything people have deemed worth “protecting.”

It seems to me, the rich have put up their gates everywhere to keep out the poor, or anyone who might want their wealth. It’s also a safety measure, intended to protect against Manila’s notorious crime.

It’s also a bit weird. When you walk around my neighborhood it seems like almost everything is behind a gate. I’m usually curious and like to look at people’s houses and into buildings, but it’s not really possible here.

This is a really terrible photo of one of the streets I walk down often. It was also a pretty dismal looking day.

Although it’s unrecognizable, that’s an ABS-CBN car on its way back to the mothership.

It honked at me while I was standing there gawking with my camera. I wonder if it was someone I know.

Oops. The sidewalk fell apart. Wouldn’t want to be too close to that post during a typhoon.

And here we have the symbol of the developing world: An unfinished building. And this one does not appear as if anyone is going to finish it anytime soon.

More photos of Manila are on their way, as soon as I have time to explore more (and my friends stop taking me to malls!!)

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