Ahh, Taal

Lake Taal and Tagaytay is to Manila what Lake Tahoe is to San Francisco and the Bay Area — the weekend getaway spot for city folk. Last weekend I went to Tagaytay with some coworkers for the second time. And I’m going again in November — so I’m averaging one trip to Tagaytay per month. Not bad. I do need to extend my exploration of the Philippines a bit, but Tagaytay is a nice, quick getaway. It’s cooler than Manila, and the surroundings are just generally more pleasant and laid back.

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  1. Amit says:

    Yep, Tagaytay is simply awesome isn’t it? Hope you’ve had a chance to make the trek up the volcano to get a look into the lake within. Is about 45 mins of reasonably strenuous walking but well worth it for the view and the tender coconuts! 🙂

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