A "break"

My blog posting was put on hold for a couple of weeks because my laptop keyboard suddenly gave out. The R, W and P keys refused to work — and no amount of pounding would help. In fact, I believe it made things worse. Miraculously though, the stars must have aligned or something, because two events coincided to get my computer working again: 1) My uncle had the exact laptop keyboard I needed and sent it to me FedEx, and 2) the IT department at work not only installed it for me, but did so in less than an hour. And I’m always saying I don’t believe in miracles.

Now that all keys seem to be functioning, I’m leaving for the holidays. I’ll be going to Bangalore for a friend’s wedding. And then I’ll be traveling around India for two weeks with two great friends — destinations have not been planned out yet, except for New Year’s in Goa. (I’m sure Goa will be crazy around that time, but we’re lucky enough to have a place to stay with some locals. After that, it’s either north or south, depending on what we feel like — and where a train will take us.) Before flying back to Manila, I’ll stop in Bangkok and make a side trip to Vientiane. It should be an adventure — and hopefully I’ll come back with lots of great photos.


  1. Patrick says:

    Christina, you don’t know how jealous I am of you as I sit in a bland office tower with a wonderful -10C outside. Just looking out the window, and thinking about all the great stuff you’ll see and do, seriously makes me want to cry. 🙂

  2. Christina says:

    Patrick, you’ve been quite the jet setter this past year, so don’t be too jealous. You’ll be back in Asia before you know it. I know you can’t keep yourself away. 🙂 Have a great Christmas!

  3. Amit says:

    Hi Christina,

    Would love to hear about your experience in India either on the blog or perhaps even over a cup of coffee, if you’re interested?

    Take care

  4. Christina says:

    Amit: It would be good to meet for coffee. The trip to India was definitely an amazing experience. I’ll be writing about it here in a few days.

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