Islands for Sale

Most of my friends and coworkers in Manila have a side business, which usually involves selling things. One girl brings shoes and accessories to work, dumps them on a desk, and all the women in the office huddle around, sifting through the pile. Then there’s the guy we call the “pirate.” He delivers pirated DVDs to anyone who doesn’t have the time to make a trip to one of the city’s pirated-goods meccas.

So a few weeks ago, when I was at dinner with some friends, and the restaurant’s lounge singer started passing out his business card, I wasn’t surprised that it listed multiple “jobs.” While I probably won’t be needing his services anytime soon, I kept the card because it amused me. He lists his profession as “consultant” and his services as (this is a word for word list):

* Water Purification Machine (dirtiest water to potable, safe drinking water)
* Talent booking (local and abroad)
* Cars (all kinds)
* Real Estate (lots, house and lot, building, islands in Palawan)
* Travel (tickets, passports, visa, etc.)
* Private Loans, Mortgages
* Concerts, Shows, Mini Concerts, Celebrities

Hmmm, maybe I will need his services when I finally buy that island in Palawan…

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