Edge of the World

I have become a deadbeat bogger, I know. But I wanted to start again by posting a photo from my trip to Palawan last weekend. I love this photo. It was taken as my ferry approached Coron in the Calamian group of islands north of Palawan. If the world were flat, and if there were an edge that ships could fall over, the edge would be behind those islands.

I’ll post more photos soon!


  1. Sandi says:

    That picture is gorgeous. We are going to Puerto Princesa end of the month…but may not be able to make it to coron….though now I am regretting not going:-( sigh…love the beaches here…

  2. Christina says:

    Sandi: You should definitely try to get to Coron at some point. The town is just so-so, but the surrounding islands are incredible! I’ll post more photos soon!

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