I’m back

After a few months without blogging, I’ve decided to start again. I’ll admit, I missed it, and when I went home in February I had a few requests to start one up again. I named the blog “Letters from Asia” because I’ll probably stray from stories about the country I’m currently living in, China. Although I expect that most of what I write about will be about China and my experiences as a student in Nanjing, I’ll also probably write now and again about the Philippines, a country I grew to appreciate and love during the year I spent there working at a television station.

For those of you who stumble upon my blog who aren’t members of my family or my friends, here’s a little about me: I’m an American studying Chinese at Nanjing Normal University for a year. About a year and a half ago I left what some might consider to be a”stable” job with a community newspaper in Lake Tahoe to move to Manila to work for a television station undergoing enormous change. When my year in Manila was up, I moved back to China to continue what I started a few years ago when I taught English in Hangzhou.

I love to get comments from people, especially those who are more insightful than I am (and there are plenty of you out there), so I’m looking forward to hearing from all of you.

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