Back to China, Back to Blogging

I'm back in China for the summer — working with a group of six Duke undergraduates in Beijing — and am going to try to start blogging again. The students I'm working with are teaching English at the Dandelion Middle School (蒲公英中学) and helping the school with health and volunteer management projects, as well as redesigning the school's website.

Blogging is going to be difficult thanks to the great firewall and the anniversary of Tiananmen, which has apparently inspired the government to block everything, including flickr, where I post all of my photos. But I'm going to try to post semi-regularly about life at the school and in Beijing, where we will spend the next eight weeks.


  1. Frank says:

    ha- the "great firewall" = )

    Sounds like you're a having a great time– look forward to hearing more about the DE project, travels, etc.

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