Policy + Politics

State of Investment: How Local US Governments Attract Chinese FDI — Cities and states have pursued Chinese investment with tax breaks and other incentives, but officials say that non-monetary strategies can make or break a deal. (China Business Review)

As New Leader, Summit Offers Chance for Xi to Define His Image — Barack Obama and Xi Jinping’s informal meeting at Sunnylands was touted as a way for the leaders to get to know each other. But the stakes were much higher for China’s new president. (China Business Review)

China’s Green Building Future — Green building makes up a small proportion of China’s construction industry, but government targets may give sustainable building a boost over the next five years. (China Business Review)

The Blame Game — US politicians proved that China was an easy target during campaign season. Will China bashing continue? (China Economic Review)

Dark Days for Family Planning — Without a national policy, small clinics and NGOs try to fill the gaps in unmet need for birth control in the Philippines (Newsbreak)

Adapting to Adoption — The demand for adoption of Filipino children is much higher abroad than in the Philippines—a fact that adoption officials find both comforting and disturbing. (Newsbreak)


Improving Energy Efficiency on the Factory Floor — This American entrepreneur has worked every job in a Chinese factory. Now she’s helping factories save energy and operate more efficiently. (China Business Review)

Exporting to China: Not for the Faint of Heart – Exporting to China can be an uphill battle for small businesses, but many are succeeding with patience and the right partners. (China Business Review)

Destinations Target Chinese Tourists on Weibo — Brands and destinations are using social media to attract China’s big-spending overseas travelers. (China Business Review)


Alumni Giving Season – To give or not to give to your alma mater. (The Billfold)

Perhaps My Nightmare Experiences With My Student Loan Servicer Will Finally End — Why the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s move to regulate student loan service providers is long overdue. (The Billfold)

Filipino Media Matriarchs Only Have So Much Impact — Women hold a large number of high-ranking positions in the media and government in the Philippines. So why are there so many poor women who can’t access basic health services? (Latitude News)